JCPenney Kiosk Login – Win a 15% offer Coupon

JCPenney Kiosk Login: The JC penny customer satisfaction survey is introduced by the company named JC Penny. You can take the JC penny customer satisfaction at the official website of the company made for the survey only. The website is addressed as

JCPenney Kiosk Login – Win a 15% offer Coupon

The survey is introduced especially to know the company customers opinions about the products along with the services and other things offered to you. You need to answer all the questions as per the experience you had in the company during the visit. You can also provide your unbiased opinions towards the company which will help the company to know their services and products better as per their customer’s opinion.

JCPenney Kiosk Login - Win a 15% offer Coupon

All the information regarding how to apply to the survey, benefits of the survey, rules, and requirements for the survey, etc. are mentioned down below in an elaborated form. Kindly read all the necessary details to know the procedure in a better way and to get all the necessary information.

How to take the JC penny customer satisfaction survey?

  1. is the official website made particularly for taking the JC penny customer satisfaction survey. You can use an electronic device of your choice but kindly make sure that your device is connected with a proper internet connection. The internet connection must provide you a good data speed connectivity to carry out all of the survey steps smoothly. A laptop, smartphone, tablet, or anything can be used to take out the survey. Type down the survey website address in the search box of any of the web browsers and then tap on the search icon. It will directly lead you to the homepage of the JC penny survey website.
  2. On the screen, you will be asked to provide the access code which will be present in your recent website of the JC penny company receipt. Make sure that the code you are providing must be of 22 digits only. Then, click on the next button to move with the survey questions.
  3. All the questions will start appearing on your screen one by one. Take your preferable amount of time and answer all of the asked questions with full honesty as per the experience you had in the company. The JC penny survey questions will be related to the products that you had in your bills, the employee’s service towards you during your experience. Some of the questions will come in multiple-choice format, some in the form of ratings, and so on.
  4. After successfully completing answering all of the questions. Click on the submit button to submit your JC penny survey successfully. Once you have successfully submitted the survey the coupon code will be sent to you at your provided email address.

The benefit of the JC penny survey:

The company gives away a 15% offer coupon code to the survey takers. The survey takers get their company code on the email address that they have provided while taking the survey. You must have answered all of the questions and submit them successfully to have the coupon code. You can use the 15% coupon in any of the branches of the JC Penny store and get an extra 15% off on your total transaction bill. Make sure that you use your coupon code within the provided time. Once the time gets over you cannot use it anymore and the code will go in vain or become invalid soon.

JC Penny Kiosk Login survey details:

  1. To take the JC penny website you need to visit the
  2. The JC penny survey provides a coupon code of 15% as a survey prize to all the survey takers. The survey takers can use the code to get discounts on your upcoming bill.
  3. The most important requirement of taking the JC Penny survey is to have the 22 digit access code present in your store receipt beside you.
  4. Anyone who is 18 years of age or more than 18 years of age is eligible to take the JC penny survey. Anyone who is willing to take the JC penny survey but is below 18 years of age cannot take the survey.
  5. The JC penny survey is fully held in the online mode to avoid any inconvenience.
  6. You can take multiple JC penny surveys multiple times but using multiple store receipts only.

JC Penny survey rules and regulations:

  1. The survey takers must accept the provided coupon code as it is offered to them. They cannot transfer the code to any other 3rd person and they also cannot redeem the coupon code into cash.
  2. To take the JC penny survey you must be a permanent or a legal resident of the United States only.
  3. People who are related to the company cannot take the JC penny survey. Thus, the employees, authorities, sponsors, etc. along with their families cannot take the JC penny survey.
  4. You need to have an electronic device with an internet connection with yourself to take the JC penny survey.


The JC penny company is an American department store. It is quite popular and one of the largest department chains. The JC penny company is established in the year 1902. The company has its outlet of branches all over. The company tends to provide its consumers the best service possible. The consumers can also provide their honest opinions which will help the company to provide their best possible.

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